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The Full Story: Building consensus that drives progress


An often overlooked element of innovation is facilitating the alignment of all organizational stakeholders to both the idea and implementation of change.  Building on best-in-class research on organization psychology, the Education Accelerated team has developed a series of processes and artifacts that support shared understanding, engagement, and support.


Based on Patrick Lencioni's description of the six essential questions that successful organizations must align on, our Pocket Playbook concept not only facilitates an organization's dialog and alignment on these strategic elements, but also produces a visually compelling artifact to share and remind people of agreed upon foundational elements. 


Organization innovation is rarely a "one off" activities.  Game changing initiatives usually require time.  During that process, it is always beneficial to be grounded on where the organization has been, where the organization is currently, and where the organization intends to go.  Visually capturing these innovation "arcs" are a great way to document both progress and impact.

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