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Education Accelerated is your partner to navigate you through the complete process of delivering your vision for education.  A complete team that merges with your expertise, and doing those things you need to create your school.  We bring the very experienced horsepower to quickly make your education vision a reality, from concept through funding, school development, and facilities. Our comprehensive team includes partners in all facets of education, delivering the complete funding and development of your school.  We help you focus on creating and operating an exceptional school.


A Comprehensive School Development Experience for Innovative Educators

As a nationally renowned firm, BCCG provides a comprehensive solution for education, with Education Accelerated, we're ready to work with you to develop your school. Our total program approach allows BCCG to guide and assist you through the broad spectrum of challenges related to a new school facility – Government approvals, budget creation, funding, feasibility, land acquisition, entitlements, zoning, site planning, design, construction, and commissioning. And unlike other firms, BCCG looks at the creation or expansion of an education facility as a process, that starts with understanding the unique education needs, and studying the feasibility of the project before final direction is set.  BCCG creates a success path that starts with conceptualization, budgeting, and funding of your solution in a proven design-to-budget process. BCCG understands that a school facility is a key component to a  successful school, but only one of the many elements that support a learning environment. BCCG partners with  many non-facility related service providers important in planning for and operating a successful school. In addition to facility funding options, BCCG can offer assistance in technology, staff recruitment and training, marketing and enrollment, and even charter development support.  Also procurement of furniture, fixtures, security, athletic equipment, and more. No other firm can offer the depth of services that BCCG can provide. Better, no one has built more charter  and private schools nationally than our team. From concept through completion, let us get to work with you in growing school choice.




Before you develop a new school, together we must quantify and qualify the education delivery model. BCCG helps you analyze your needs related to charter writing, board and teacher recruitment and development, furniture fixtures and equipment (FF&E),  technology, curriculum, safety, and materials. We then introduce  you to vetted providers who work with you to create an effective and successful educational option.


BCCG provides Development Support Services that give your board the information and experience needed to execute the land development your own school, saving potentially millions of dollars in your facility budget. This service walks you through site selection, permitting, zoning, and funding to provide the best solution possible, while supporting you with the technical deliverables required.




BCCG walks you through a process 
that starts with your education model, budget, land/building options, & facility  programing. The BCCG team goes to create the site plan, floor plans, budget, and schedule in collaboration with you to create a feasible solution.  This step validates the concept and budget, providing the school a clear understanding of the path forward and the cost. 



No one has developed and built more charter schools nationally than the team at BCCG.  Working with leadership dedicated to charter school construction, we oversee the entire process keeping the school informed every step of the way. Bound by our industry standard contract,  BCCG commits to delivering on time and budget.



Once a school occupies a new facility, BCCG’s work doesn’t stop there. We stay with you through commissioning and training on your new facility, including a 10-month post opening walk through to take care of any  Warranty issues . Further, BCCG can refer operational resources to assist with HR, technology, and facility management.



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To provide a permanent home for the Shining Rock Classical Academy, BCCG was selected for the Design-Build project of a K-9 charter school on a new campus. The academy, founded in 2015, offers the Waynesville, NC community a school of choice. After starting in two buildings and moving to a temporary modular facility, the student population demanded a larger permanent home, with the site designed to accommodate future expansion.


The functional and cost-efficient facility design features an attractive façade and a two-story, concrete tilt-up structure. The academy has 35 classrooms, including art, music, multi-media, language, Exceptional Student, and science rooms. Additionally, there is a gymnasium equipped with a high-school-sized basketball court, locker rooms, and bleachers with seating for 900, as well as a stage for performances and events.


During construction, BCCG relocated over 100,000 cubic yards of dirt off-site. The effort was coordinated with other local businesses and provided soil in other areas where needed in the community.


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Endeavor Charter School, located in Wake Forest, NC, opened its doors in 2008 with the goal of providing an additional public school of choice for a district in need of options, and graduating confident and curious students. In 2014, the school relocated to a 29-acre site with ample room for growth. As the next step for the growing school, Endeavor Charter School selected BCCG to design and construct an expansion to support the school's needs.


The 52,900 SF expansion adds dedicated middle school space for 6th through 8th graders and enlarges the elementary school. The project includes 15 classrooms, a gymnasium with an NCHSAA regulation court with bleachers, and a 300-seat full-theatre performing arts center with mezzanine. Additionally, the facility maintains an existing soccer field and provides restrooms with exterior access to the fields.



Envision Science Academy selected BCCG to construct a new state of the art, energy efficient S.T.E.A.M. education center in Wake Forest, North Carolina, The design of the two-story academy, which accommodates 650 K-8 students, was based on an economical construction model utilizing tilt-up design and incorporates a Bio-Retention Pond to filter rainwater before its reintroduction to the groundwater. The academy features 45 classrooms, including science, art, and technology centers, and a multipurpose room to facilitate the S.T.E.A.M. program. External features include 102 parking spaces, an outdoor activity area, and a long carpool lane for student drop off and pick up. The site has been planned to accommodate future growth, with an anticipated 4,000 SF expansion.




Veritas Preparatory Academy, a founding member of the prestigious Great Hearts Academies, serves 6th-12th grade students by providing the finest liberal arts education possible for families in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Offering a challenging yet rewarding curriculum focused on the development of deep appreciation for the true, the good, and the beautiful. Embodying those values in design, the Veritas facility was born through the  renovation of a vacant Motorolla Adminstrative Building.  While adaptive reuse projects require careful site selection and attention to due diligence, the potential benefits to both communities and school systems are substantial. A revitalized ghost box can spur tangible impacts on community development, reduce landfill impacts, reduce sprawl, preserve greenfield sites, and promote recycling on a large scale.  And the Intangible For schools, adaptive reuse of these buildings may offer significant time savings in providing much-needed school facilities, and generate opportunities for innovative design, state-of-the-art educational facilities, and inspiring spaces in which to teach and learn.



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